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Savannah Addiction Intervention

It is a normal reaction for people in addiction to deny that they have a substance abuse problem. Denial keeps people trapped in the cycles of addiction and sadly, many individuals experience a fatal drug overdose or suffer severe repercussions from drinking before they can find their way out.  Addiction intervention is an important step that families and friends can take to prevent these devastating outcomes.

An addiction intervention can be described as a carefully planned meeting with a loved one who has met the criteria of having a dependence or addiction on drugs or alcohol. The discussion at this meeting will address the negative impacts of the substance abuse on the addict and their loved ones.  This confrontation is typically done by family members with the assistance of a professional such as a drug interventionist, a physician or a member of the clergy. Friends and even co-workers who care about the addict may also participate if necessary. The goals of this intervention is to get the individual to recognize the severity of their addiction and accept treatment.  Successful interventions include pre-arrangements for admission into a drug treatment center and appropriate consequences if the addict refuses to get help.

Savannah addiction intervention programs are designed to help you plan and prepare to help your loved one face their addiction and accept they need help. For more information about treatment options, dial (912) 335-5418 today. 

Studies show, interventions are highly effective in motivating people in addiction to seek the help they need to end the obsessive and compulsive abuse of drugs or alcohol. Even more encouraging are the addiction intervention statistics that reflect a 90% to 95% success rate for getting people into a drug treatment program on the day of the intervention. A successful intervention is measured by the addict’s acceptance that they have a substance abuse problem and a willingness to enter treatment followed by actual admission into a treatment facility.

Benefits of Addiction Intervention

Because addiction impact the addict and their loved ones on so many levels, when they are able to return to a sober lifestyle, the benefits are always multi-faceted. These benefits directly correlate to the challenges of drug addiction such as…

  1. Minimizing the chance of losing the loved one through a drug overdose death
  2. Halting the progression of the neurological impairment caused by habitual drug use
  3. Plugging up the financial drain from supporting a drug habit
  4. Resumption of healthy relationships between family members and the addict
  5. Restoring physical health and well-being hindered by chronic consumption of drugs and alcohol
  6. Clearing the living environment of drugs and drug paraphernalia
  7. Resumption of a normal productive lifestyle for the family

Although it can be difficult at times for some families to accept that they need to stage an intervention for their loved one battling addiction, the alternative for not taking this step can be disastrous.  It is also important to recognize that many people in addiction have lost the mental capacity to be rational and others are often too preoccupied with satisfying the demanding cravings of a drug addiction to seek help for themselves.  Studies show, even addicts that have had near death experiences due to misuse of drugs and alcohol continue to deny that they need help or still believe that they can quit whenever they want.  As such, successful addiction interventions have the potential to save lives.

Get your loved one the help they need by contacting drug treatment centers in Savannah GA . Specialists are ready to take your call 24/7.

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