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Dual diagnosis treatment deals with both a chemical dependency disorder and underlying psychiatric disorder. An all-inclusive assessment is the initial step to treat dual diagnosis. Some patients in addiction recovery have been improperly medicated for this condition. For example, patients suffering from anxiety disorders are sometimes over-medicated, which may lead to dependence issues and worsen their anxiety.

Patients treated for depression can have a sense of hopelessness when medications or therapy for this condition have not been administered properly. The purpose of dual diagnosis treatment is to design a clear plan for the future in which recovering addicts receive ongoing treatment after discharge.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and dealing with a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety or other co-occurring disorders, medical intervention and dual diagnosis treatment is available. Call Drug Rehab Savannah GA today at (912) 335-5418.

Some mental health disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, depression and ADHD are risk factors for relapse. When an individual returns home without treating their mental illness, they may feel tempted to self-medicate. Substance abuse starts when those suffering from a psychiatric disorder try to find a cure for their condition without professional assistance.

In order to feel better they turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate their symptoms for a while. The problem lies in the fact that no amount of self-medicating can alleviate the symptoms associated with their mental health diagnosis. They can temporarily dull them, but eventually the symptoms will come back full force, and soon after, the individual will desperately seek more drugs or alcohol to get relief.

Some people are indifferent to those struggling with psychiatric disorders. Sometimes even family will tell a person struggling with a mental disorder to do something to feel better. Some may even be skeptical when their loved one says they are suffering from panic attacks or episodes of severe anxiety. These are severe disorders produced by chemical imbalances that are generally medically treatable.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

Treating people who struggle with a mental illness and an addiction can be complicated at times. However, with the right recovery tools patients can move forward in treatment. Any life-threatening complications of intoxication should be addressed first. Chemical dependency can sometimes lead to medical emergencies requiring medical treatment. This generally happens when an individual who has been using a specific substance has become physically dependent and quits using drugs without professional assistance.

Several scientific studies have revealed that psychiatric treatments are generally more efficient in users who are not actively abusing substances. Once recovering addicts are safely detoxed from these substances, treatment of the underlying mental disorder may yield more positive results. Treatment of mental illness is largely more effective when the patient is sober and able to actively join in treatment.

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