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People who try to remain sober without support or medical intervention have an extremely high rate of relapse. The challenges recovering addicts face on a daily basis can often be dealt with at a recovery facility. Sometimes relapse can occur several times after rehabilitation. This is why patients should be equipped with the right relapse prevention tools during treatment and recovery.

Addicts in recovery have times when tempting thoughts of drinking or using drugs reappear. During early recovery, these thoughts must be addressed with relapse prevention techniques that deal with the root of the problem. Staying abstinent is far more beneficial than the temporary relief found in drugs or alcohol. As patients learn how to cope with strong cravings through relapse prevention programs, the uncertainties of early recovery will eventually fade.

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Why Does Relapse Occur?

Understanding the reasons why relapse occurs is one of the keys to prevention. The link between emotions and substance abuse can be complex. After detox, rehabilitation and intensive counseling, individuals struggling with an addiction can experience the same emotions that triggered the problem in the beginning. Sometimes these drugs are used to overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, anger or sadness. These feelings can test the patient’s new resolve to stay sober.

Alcohol abuse and drug dependence can also be triggered by the wrong relationships. The urge to fall back into old patterns can be severe when users spend time with other individuals struggling with chemical dependency. Codependent individuals can also encourage the recovering individual to go back to an addictive lifestyle by providing them with the means needed to obtain these drugs or encourage their addictive behavior.

Relapse Cycle

A relapse is often characterized by a compulsive desire to seek drugs or alcohol in spite of the devastating consequences experienced in the past. This deterioration does not happen suddenly, but progressively. Some warning signs and other specific factors can help you prevent a relapse beforehand.

The common phases of drug relapse are:

  • Emotional Relapse – This is the initial stage of relapse. The user is not thinking about drugs but behavior and emotions are setting up to start down that path.
  • Mental Relapse – Throughout this stage, the individual actually thinks about drugs or alcohol. Users tend to glamorized old times when he or she used drugs to socialize. If these tempting thoughts persist chances are the user will go down the wrong path.
  • Physical Relapse – During this phase, the user actually consumes the substance. The struggles to use drugs or alcohol are very strong throughput this stage therefore physical relapse has more chances to occur.

Addiction Aftercare Treatment

Maintaining sobriety in the face of all of these factors is possible when you come to Drug Rehab Savannah. Our drug and alcohol treatment staff can provide you with the knowledge and awareness of your own individual triggers and teach you how to combat those triggers with healthy behaviors. Through intensive counseling and support, we help you build the willpower and strength to make positive choices and live a sober lifestyle.

After treatment, we recommend that our patients attend regular meetings and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This therapeutic approach to recovery has been proven to increase the chances of reaching a lifetime of sobriety.

Our drug abuse treatment and recovery facility is a relaxed and calm atmosphere with a professional staff fully trained in relapse prevention. If you find yourself in danger of relapse, you can make a choice to step away. Call Drug Rehab Savannah GA now at (912) 335-5418.

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